Thursday, May 6, 2010


It's been an interesting couple of months. Actually I am loving my new found love. I went in search for less expensive products and equally as healthy. My search took me to a site and then in couple of days I received a phone call. I was ask to listen in on a call and of course, I listened in.
I was told about the company and how long it has been doing business. Its just about 8 years younger than the company's products that, I have been using. I was introduced about making extra income and of course I took a risk.
I haven't regretted making the decision. I have been enjoying the use of my new found love.

Friday, April 2, 2010


I need to quit smoking TODAY.
God grant me the courage to breathe again. I have a high sense of smelling. I know
It would be better if I wasn't a terrible smoker. This dirty habit have me by my balls
This is sad.

I recently decided to switch from using many caustic chemical products in my home
The results are amazing. My children can breathe a little better, cleaning is easier and not to mention I don't have to open the windows and close the doors. So I and my family are half way to breathing better. As soon as I stop my smoking I will be looking smoking hot instead of looking smokey.

I have 3 cigarettes in my Newport Lights box now and a half of one on the ashtray. I don't intend to buy another pack the 3 that's there. I am gonna play with my balls instead of smoking lol. No I need to do this and get back my youth. I am a goat. I was promised youthful features up to a large chronological factor and darn it I am taking what's promised me.

True Blue: Love purple, adore blue and moody with red. Now I am on the purple of quitting. Red for too long, time to throw away the ashtray, clean the window and do the laundry. Just Breathe YES YES YES Lord!!!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prickly Hands

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...... Seldom Your Welcome, your welcome, your welcome. Something is definitely wrong with this heart, mind and soul. The mistake one made yesterday should be a reflection for today and a better heart for tomorrow. The ignorant disposition only confirm this is a person wearing two mittens. Its better to give than to receive”. This is a powerful statement and can only be observe by the giver as a blessing. How does the receiver view this statement?

As we all know; nothing is built in stone. Flexibility is extremely important for our daily bread and we should do unto others as we'd have them do unto us. We should remember all the “Thank You's”, and work towards saying more “Your Welcome”.

So frequently what is not wanted is given, but rarely
what is needed through sacrifice is not given. I have observed a friend's demeanor when asked(by me)you've always said “Thank You” how often someone get to say the same to you? The answer was astonishing. “I was raised to say,thank you, it's not my fault if I don't always hear it back. After observing the conversion was going no where, but instead putting me in the dog pit.
Here is a classic response to an obvious question and I became the bad guy for holding the mirror. It wasn't my reflection. I was the bad guy for pointing out what the heart doesn't see. This heart only receives and give back when there's still yet another way to receiving(Super Sad). Days later it was confirmed. The same person offered me something “I don't really want these do you want them....”. Of course I politely said,no.

I am now in the dog pit with this person. I am hopeful, knowing this person will reflect, whether I get out of the dog pit or not. I will probably not be recognize for the turnabout, because of many other hard to take things I have said. I was raised to tell the truth, no-matter how painful it is, especially to love ones. This heart might not be perfectly blue, but it's blue enough to recognize a red one. People matters, but the ones we care for and want to see grow better, it's okay to be in their dog pit. One day the anger will fade. Until then pray for them and yourself. God knows a little prayer we all need.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Okay, Here we go what is it about us as people not wanting to here the truth or face the obvious? Growing up I was told "the truth will set you free". I know in my gut it is so. Politically Correct and Diplomatic is a strain. I feel like the biggest hypocrite. Could it be a thin line between truth and lie? In other words,"A BIG FAT LIER"

Hypothetically; I have forgotten to brush my teeth before leaving home, got to work and all thru the day my co-workers are all at a distant when conversing with me. There hand brushing their noses, they don't face me when speaking, the ones i would normally go to lunch with decide not to go. Strange, this has never happened before. The person I am, I picked up on their strange behaviour and blatantly ask if I'm stick; my mouth, arm pit or my clothes, what?

The response I would have gotten would be a quick OH NO WHY WOULD YOU ASK THAT? Then the fumbling for words, and the stare, but this is the killer "I can't believe you would think that we think your the one that stinks!"( who said that)

I don't understand been Politically Correct. No one would have wanted to hurt my feeling, so they all would LIE with their lips, but the their actions speaks VOLUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God I would already know my BREATH REEKS.
How about the person who doesn't have a clue where their hygiene begins to where it kills, and the person who is so sensitive, the sun refuse to shine when their having another crisis. (The drama king/queen.)

My daughter had a teacher who needed some lime (with no exaggeration), she refuses to ask him any question in class. She didn't want him to have to open his mouth. She begged me to please come to school and talk to him. Well the opportunity present itself one Sunday evening. He called to report my child's lack of participation in class. I listen to him and informed on more about her aptitude. Lets just say I never understood not studying and passing tests. When she will be taking a test I know by her request for chocolate for school the next day. See I told my children to eat some chocolate while taking a test keep you awake. "that's me passing on my inability to test well without chocolate unto her" I asked her how can you pass a test without studying? her reply was, Retain each days' work. Sorry went off tract there thats another blog lol. Any how after I update him on her aptitude, I did the Correct Thing.

I asked him if he's aware his student are complaining of his hygiene? ( I really gotta blog on this another day ) Lets just say his class was happy I spoke with him. I went to PTA meeting and experience the discomfort myself. I let him know students can be cruel, and they were, but they are right. He thanked me after I Confirmed and Readdressed. Man in the middle. He quit the school.

The simple day to day have gotten hard to do and the Hard task have gotten impossible to challenge. Could this be because each one of us who are wrong want to be" WRONG AND STRONG" We are all sinners and no-one is perfect, but we all forget that little fact whenever our toes are step on. Don't get this all twisted no need to be a punk or /and a Pussycat , all I'm saying assert yourself justly. The essence of; please, thank you, excuse, forgive me, or telling the truth is like dinosaurs. I 'm afraid of the truth, You are afraid of the truth, even our dogs are afraid of the truth. Yes, YOU and YOUR dog, if you have one. We all know we're wrong but, come hell or high water, NEVER NEVER NEVER!!! Tell your dog nasty dog when it poop in the house and watch its eyes turn from you and its tail stop wagging. The other way around is let it know it's not nice to poop in the house and I know you won't do it again and watch the tail wag in agreement with you. {The praise and confident you show her)
The human race is the same way, but some more that others want only praise. But God forbid if the wrong is highlighted!!

What is so hard in learning the next strangers dominant and recessive character? Tell Betsy when her armpit smells she's will respect you. Also she'll be the first to put her pits in your face to smell if she stinks. She 's aware of who she is. She knows she didn't roll it on before leaving the house. Then again we should be careful how we approach the most sensitive person. Get their consent to tell them the truth,even when they ask. If It back fires the next time you still tell them the truth. What would that truth be," YOU CAN'T TAKE THE TRUTH", SO PLEASE DON'T ASK. Then their is that person,who will hate you then and thank you later, because you tell him the truth. I am 1000% sure of this, because in the end its all about you and your sanity & honesty to God, Yourself and Your Neighbours. I'd rather to be Respected than to be Liked, but its nice to be Liked Nicely.

In the Political World they live this way and doctrinated the simply man to be the same. Could this be the worse control ever. Bob Marley said "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourself can free our minds..........

I mentioned before being Politically Correct and sometimes Diplomatic have me feeling like a hypocrite, its a fact. I refuse to be mentally enslave, so I became my own audience at a stand up. Why do I need to even blog this? It's healthy to urinate and rich to share. I was once told that I hold things inside too much and I have a bad mind. I actually appreciated the person who said it to me, because I learned more about him than I once knew. Karma, life, destiny, faith whatever it's called other than {God in the mix,} will be taken care of when need be. So keeping things inside isn't or wasn't to eat away at my soul, but to Faithfully wait on the Lord for him to do his awesome work. As a Chinese philosopher said "FIGHT WITHOUT FIGHTING". Practice smiling with your freinemy genuinely it's contagious. if you're not ready to smile, wish them well {FIOD}, because it's ALL ABOUT YOU

Ask this of yourself: am I Selfless, Self Obsurb, or Selfish. Don't Be Afraid Of Your Findings It will help to start the truth with YOU.

Leave the Political ly Correct or just Wrong to the name in itself. We need Peace, Love and Money not another DipLIEmat.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Taking a man to court for child support is such an ugly thing to do. I don't agree with lots of things, but I understand the important reasons. In this economy $25.00 per week cannot support a child? Lets take a look at the raw facts. Its mommy's BABY and Daddy's MAYbe, right. A man will never be sure a child is his until the DNA test is done, right> (can you imagine how many women pulled one over on a man before the 99.9999999999% DNA test) Any how thank God we have that test. Lots of so=called daddy's (let say SEMENOIDS) have no excuse. It take a Male to become a Daddy and A Father to love, support and rare a child, right? If he want to be honestly proud of little Timmy or sweet Sara. Stick around and cry the tears of joy when you hear "I LOVE YOU DADDY". THAN FIGHT THE LOSING PROJECTION BATTLE

I mentioned the court situation is ugly! Well it is, even if you didn't plan to get caught, shit happens even when all the precautions are taken. Running and denying doesn't help. How can most men commit without force? By been responsible and Man Up. In other words the courts forced what should be. I do believe it work out cheaper (for all the cheap-steakers) when you WORK WITH the mother of your child. Most woman just want to know you got her back. You will be there in some ways.

WOMEN then question the male psyche? Why the child get left behind, when the woman get left. Only a strong and responsible person will do the right thing.

Keep in mind baby grows and develop minute by minute and you can only blame it on mom miserableness for so long. Children are smarter than parents (tho I must say not Wiser), they see through the bullshits and camouflages.
Lets keep it real fathers, children respect you more when you accept your flaw and not pass on the blame . They don't mind knowing the imperfect father, but loathes the perfect bullshitter of a father.

Without a man's seed a woman cannot bring
forth life so lets change the DADDY status to the FATHERly journey. God knows you are more loved for your idiosyncrasies as: a boy friend, lover, husband & a friend but never as a lousy and cheap DADDY.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gift of God

Amazing how we ask God for a gift and when we get it we de-appreciate it. Let talk about the choices our young ladies are taking. Its surprising to me to see them chase their shadows. The strangest concept is that unless it noon they will never catch it. Choosing someone to bring out the bad girl or guy is not smart. its a failure from the start. I do believe they can do better and be more independently dependent.